Marlowe plc is an AIM-listed company providing critical service divisions across Fire & Security, Water Treatment & Hygiene and Air Quality. Today, it is one of the fastest growing critical asset maintenance, testing, inspection, safety and compliance businesses with nationwide coverage.

Each division provides customers access to excellence, safety and regulatory compliance across three critical areas. One name. One standard. Everywhere. Services are accessed singularly or in combination, by geography or brand providing convenience and peace of mind.

Today, Marlowe plc employee 1.300+ fire, security, water and air specialists who provide deep sector knowledge, engineering, risk management, maintenance, safety, compliance and mandatory training. Customers can be found on most high streets, in office complexes, industrial estates and include SMEs, local authorities, housing associations, facility management companies, multi-site NHS Trusts, public and central government buildings and FTSE 100 companies.

Three related critical service services can be accessed independently or in combination;

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See how you can access one or more complementary services and improve your supply chain solution, safety and compliance without compromise.

Who we are

A leading specialist in the delivery of critical health and life safety services. Individually we are leaders in Fire, Security, Water Treatment, Water Hygiene, Air Quality. Collectively, we provide customers with the convenience of across-the-board compliance, consistency and the benefits of a trusted in-depth relationship for maintenance, asset management, control improvement, sustainable operating, mandatory compliance and life safety.    


Our vision

To be recognised for the ‘highest standards’ and outsourcing outcomes in water treatment and hygiene, fire & security, air quality. 

What we do

Across Water Treatment & Hygiene, Fire & Security and Air Quality, we provide critical assert maintenance outsourcing. We;


  • Design, Build, Monitor, Maintain
  • Audit, Test, Service
  • Enhance operating systems and control
  • Ensure safety and compliance


Our core values


Investment in people

With over 800 of the best technicians and engineers, we operate one of the broadest engineering teams available in every UK postcode – investing in technology, reporting systems, remote monitoring and ultimately, people.



We work hard to earn and retain trust and respect. We also deliver on our promises.



We care about what people think about us, our results and impact on their business and safe continued operating.



We aspire to be better than anyone else at what we do bringing new thinking, technology, ‘Can do’ solutions wherever possible.



We are proud of what we do, who we work with and the effect we have on businesses and the community.


Absolute integrity

From the speed of response, access to technical insights and utmost respect for people and business – these are hallmarks of what it is like to interact and work with us.

Customer benefits
  • Reduced cost of operating 
  • Meeting and be seen to meet your operational, safety and compliance obligations 
  • Intelligent response to changing economic, corporate and CSR landscape
  • Access to new, relevant technology 
  • Enhanced transparency 
  • Excellence in outcome with complete predictability
  • Enables your in-house people to focus on core tasks and gain specialist insights
  • Better outsourcing outcome

Meet some of our team


Rob Flinn

CEO (Fire & Security)


Phil Greenwood

CEO (Water)


Jen Jackson

HR Director & Head of Talent (Marlowe)


David Kingsland

Systems Director (Fire & Security)


Simon Daniels

Head of HSQE (Fire & Security)


Tony Poole

Operations Director (Water)


Melanie Stennett

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (Water)


Nigel Roddie

Managing Director (Flamefast Fire Systems)


Keith Kingsley

Managing Director (Island Fire Protection)


Steven Booth

Managing Director (Guardian Water Treatment)


Anna Wardle

Operations Director (Fire & Security)



Paul MacIntosh

Projects Director (Fire & Security)



Chris Abraham

Critical Services Marketing Director (Marlowe and Water)


Dave Moore

Operations Director (BBC Fire Protection)


Michelle Evans

Customer Service Manager (Fire & Security)



Tim Gaston

Head of Engineering (Water)



Bob Scurfield

Integration Manager (Water)